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Bogotá will surprise you because of its historic old town with colonial architecture neighbourhoods and museums; because of its natural areas where you will be amazed by the unbelievable landscapes you can admire from a peak; or because of its leisure and atmosphere where you can so shopping, taste creative cooking exotic flavours or enjoy the nightlife.

О городе
Colombia's cosmopolitan capital city Bogotá, with a population about 8 million people, is located at an altitude of about 2640 m in the Andean Highlights. This gives it constant spring like weather. Bogotá is not only a getaway for travel throughout the country but also an interesting city to explore. It has an attractive old quarter, La Candelaria, ia a mixture of old and modern with beautiful old colonial buildings and palaces, bohemian cafés, art galleries and theatres and some excellent examples of modern, futuristic architecture. The city is known for its collection of pre-Columbian gold art, splendid colonial churches, great museums such as the superb Museo del Oro, considered one of South America's best museums. Bogotá offers visitors everything that a modern city can give, including a vibrant and diverse cultural life. El Centro is filled with shops, offices, cafés and a financial district. Most of the best hotels, restaurants, cafés, boutiques and nightclubs are located in Zona Norte. Day trips from Bogotá include a trip to Zipaquirá, where you will find the impressive underground cathedral built out of a salt mine. Another interesting place to visit is Monserrate, which offers a fantastic views over the city
Создано: понедельник, 30 сентября 2019 г. - Отправление: четверг, 19 декабря 2019 г.
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Транспорт от Мадрид до Bogota
Air Europa Air Europa - UX193
15:10 - Madrid, Barajas (MAD)
19:30 - Bogota, Eldorado Intl (BOG)
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Рейс: UX193 Выполняется: UX
Тип транспорта: 788
Cabin Class: Economy
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Exe Bacata 95
The Exe Bacatá 95 is located in the centre of El chicó, a distinguished neighborhood of Bogotá, which is an important commercial zone with international cuisine restaurants, bars and shopping centers. The design of the hotel is based on the mythology of the Kogui culture, a pre-Columbian society. The hotel has 8 floors and 106 rooms. Two of them are suites. The hotel offers parking, restaurant with terrace and bar, swimming pool, meeting rooms, fitness room and terrace. The rooms of the Exe Bacatá 95 combine peaceful colors with textures that evoke the earth, the water and the air. This is the best relaxing combination after a working day. *Colombian and resident guests must pay additional 19% VAT, tourists exempt.
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20 дек.
Транспорт от Bogota до Мадрид
Air Europa Air Europa - UX194
21:30 - Bogota, Eldorado Intl (BOG)
13:05 - Madrid, Barajas (MAD)
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Рейс: UX194 Выполняется: UX
Тип транспорта: 788
Cabin Class: Economy
цена на человека откуда
1.261 €
Based on 2 adults
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