A few days’ rest in Segovia
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Segovia, Spain

A few days’ rest in Segovia

Summer 2021
Создано: понедельник, 19 апреля 2021 г. - Отправление: четверг, 15 июля 2021 г.
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Visiting Segovia is synonymous with travelling through time, towards tradition, and a way of understanding Castile and the history of Spain. Its noble air, its impressive architectural works and its cuisine will make you want to return.

О городе
Segovia is Castile at its best. Splendid golden churches and twisting alleyways filled with the smell of sopa castellana, a rich garlic soup of sausages, bread, and eggs. Only the unwise dash past the massive Roman aqueduct, the cathedral, and the stunning Alcazar in a quick day trip; other know about Segovia’s cool plazas after sundown. The imposing Roman aqueduct has been moving water for over two millennia. View if from Plaza del Azoguejo where the structure reaches a maximum height of 30m, or catch its profile from the steps on the left side of plaza. The city’s position at the confluence of the Rivers Eresma and Clamores has led to compare Segovia to a sailing ship, with the Alcazar, a fortress, as its majestic bow. The fortress commands a stellar view of Segovia and the surrounding plain, inside is a collection of medieval weaponry and several spectacular handcrafted ceilings. The cathedral is a massive late Gothic edifice. Elegant and graceful, Segovia is the true essence of Old Castile.
Создано: понедельник, 19 апреля 2021 г. - Отправление: четверг, 15 июля 2021 г.
Включенные услуги
15 июл.
Транспорт от Мадрид до Segovia
Renfe - 4R8109
10:15 - CHAMARTIN RAILWAY ST. , Madrid
10:42 - Segovia, Segovia - Guiomar
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15 июл.
1 Night
Exe Casa De Los Linajes
Magnificent hotel in Segovia old town. Exe Casa de los Linajes is a quiet and central hotel located inside of Segovia fortified precincts, city declared UNESCO World Heritage. Having unbelievable views towards Eresma River Valley, Exe Casa de Los Linajes offers quality services and facilities. Gymnasium and elegant sitting rooms are some of what the guests of this hotel can enjoy here. Its large and bright rooms are carefully decorated and equipped with the last technology. Thanks to its unbeatable location, the guests can visit on foot the main touristic destinations of the historical Segovia, such as the splendid aqueduct or the Cathedral. *Non smoking hotel. *The hotel has gluten-free breakfast for celiacs on request. *The use of external areas will only during breakfast hours. *It only offers breakfast service. *Parking for 17 cars book in advance.
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16 июл.
Транспорт от Segovia до Мадрид
Renfe - 4R4868
07:38 - Segovia, Segovia - Guiomar
08:05 - CHAMARTIN RAILWAY ST. , Madrid
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Cabin Class: Economy
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66 €
Based on 2 adults
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